About Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the safest countries in the EU. Its capital has a very favorable environment for life. The country features the advantageous geostrategic position and also convenient transport links. You are in a 1 hour’s flight to reach the capital of Italy, Austria or Croatia. A little longer – and you are in Hungary.

This small country is proud of its delicious food and first-class wine. Slovenian culinary is diverse, the choice is wide. You can get fresh local food from the local farmers in every market.

Health care is available to all citizens and registered long-term residents. All citizens have the equal rights to access to health care services.

Slovenian basic education is compulsory and free of charge for all citizens and also underage foreign citizens residing in Slovenia.

The main advantages of living in Slovenia:
  • favorable climate;
  • beautiful diverse landscapes;
  • perfect ecology and recreation;
  • proximity to the civilized EU countries;
  • affordable prices for comfortable living;
  • low income tax
  • perfect healthcare system;
  • great education and future of your children!
  • free education and health care services


Slovenia is based in the heart of Europe, where all the charms are concentrated: the sea, the mountains, the caves, the thermal spas, green forests, fields, and lakes. Slovenia has a Slavic soul and European order. Here you find many opportunities for your business. The closest EU countries: Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy.

Slovenia is very compact, situated in a unique place. Here you can admire the picturesque hills of the Alpine mountains, the rugged mountain rivers and waterfalls, ski, swim in the Adriatic Sea, go on amazing excursions to the numerous caves. And in a few hours, you can reach the shore of the Adriatic Sea or hide in the dense forest reserves.

Slovenian territory is represented by 210 communities and 11 cities. The capital of Slovenia has a very beautiful and poetic name – Ljubljana.

Education in Slovenia is free and demonstrates a really high level. Also, Slovenia is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world.

There are many resorts suitable for any taste, as well as an active gambling sphere. We are ready to advise you on any issues related to the temporary or permanent stay in Slovenia like a tourist or resident.

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