Church of the Virgin Mary Assumption

Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Bled is a visiting card of Slovenia on all its most colorful postcards and photographs. This temple complements the extraordinary beauty of the popular Slovenian resort. The Lake Bled is famous for its thermal and ski resorts. Among the main beauties of the area is also the Bled Castle. The castle is located on the beautiful mountain.

The Church of the Assumption stands out right on the island in the Lake Bled. From ancient times, buildings of a religious nature have been erected on the island. At the beginning of the Middle Ages, the ancient Slavic temple was founded on the island. Unfortunately, the Slavic temple and the Romanesque chapel of the twelfth century were destroyed without a trace. In the fifteenth century, the Gothic church with a high bell tower on the southern coast was built on the island. The bell tower rose up to 50 meters above the picturesque surrounding terrain.

In the seventeenth century, the Baroque church and a chapel with a metal dome were built on the highest part of the island. This version of the church has survived to our days. Its small size did not allow to accommodate all visitors, so one century later, a few more buildings and a chapel with a metal dome were constructed. Many legends and rumors are said around the island and the church itself. According to the local poet Franz Preshern, the first ancient temple was built in honor of the Slavic goddess of love. One of the legends states that the church was ruled by the wife of the castle owner. The husband was murdered by the criminals, and she ordered the bell in honor of her husband. When the bell was floating to the island, there was a storm and the boat sank. The widow was sent to the Roman monastery, and the pope delivered a new bell to the island. The bell was created in Padova in 1634th year. It is believed that it fulfills the wishes of all who try the ring.

To get to the church, you need to climb the stairs of 99 steps. There are always many weddings in the church. There is a touching tradition around it: the groom undertakes to carry the bride in his arms throughout the church. It symbolizes his readiness for the family life. You can get to the island with the local “wattle” boats. These boats are extremely popular for the church attendees. Enjoy the beautiful picture with the lake, the majestic church on the island and the castle on the mountain – dive into the fairy-tale!

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