Ptuj Castle

Ptuj Castle is located on a hill above the town of Ptuj and the Drava River and is the main attraction of the area. This is both a medieval fortification and a local history museum. The strategically great location of the castle is known from ancient times. Romans who founded the city here erected the fortresses in the area in the fifth century BC. The famous feudal lords built the defensive fortresses in the tenth century. One of the towers of the defensive fortification has been preserved until these days.

In the twelfth century, the feudal lord of the city, the Bishop of Salzburg, ordered to strengthen the existing structure and build a new castle. Thus, he wanted to protect the land from a possible invasion of the Hungarian army. Within the next few centuries, the castle owners were big and noble families who used to reconstruct the fortress in the style of the era. The first reconstruction of the castle was closer to the Renaissance style, the second one was made in the Baroque style.

The Count Gerberstein became the last owner of the castle. The fortress-castle was restored in 1912. After the transfer of property into state ownership at the end of World War II, Ptuj Castle was turned into a historical museum. The castle retained all its luxurious furnishings and collections, which became valuable art and archaeological expositions. On the first floor of the museum, there is an exposition devoted to the history of music in all its manifestations. Here you can find the most popular and outlandish musical instruments, created in all times: from the Middle Ages to the present.

You can listen to the recordings of melodies that were played on the instruments of the music collection right in the hall on the first floor. The most interesting interiors are on the second floor of the castle are. You can see luxurious expensive furniture, exclusive tapestries, paintings and household items in the hall. Castle owners have been enjoying all these items from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. There is also an art gallery with the samples of Baroque and Gothic times. A large collection of Turkey-related works of the seventeenth century is in the festival hall. In the premises of the former stables, there is an exhibition of carnival costumes and traditional outfits from different corners of Slovenia.

In the inner courtyard of the castle, there is a venue for exhibitions, concerts, festivals, and theatrical shows. You can also enjoy the view of the area on the grand panoramic observation platforms near the castle. Here you can see the magnificent panoramas of the old city Ptuj. Thanks to the richest collections, Ptuj Castle is one of the most important museums on the territory of Slovenia.

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