Rimske Terme

If the purpose of your holiday is eliminating vanity and healing your spirit, Rimske Terme is absolutely what you need! Untouched amazing nature, the rampage of herbs, magnificent mountains, and clear thermal springs – that’s what you need to refresh your soul and body. The Roman Baths are located in the town of Rimske Toplice. The valley, where the springs are located, is surrounded by the hillsides covered with the forests. The surrounding nature is simply amazing with its diversity: the world-famous huge sequoias or mammoth trees, Canadian spruce, Japanese trees, cypress trees, California pine, and many other. The mountains protect the terms from the strong winds and the strong heat.

Here you can visit saunas of all types – from traditional Roman terms to Finnish, Turkish and infrared saunas. It also carries out physiotherapy and SPA-procedures, massage, body diagnostics, help in the treatment of chronic diseases. The distance from the nearby large settlements: Celje – 24 km, Ljubljana – 90 km, Maribor – 70 km, Zagreb (Croatia) – 100 km, Trieste (Italy) – 190 km, Venice (Italy) – 340 km, Vienna (Austria) – 320 km.

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