Flight on the air balloon

The charm of flying in a balloon cannot be described in words or depicted by a photograph. You need to find yourself in the basket and look at the beautiful Slovenian earth from the height of the flight.

Flight in the hot air balloon is not just a bright and unforgettable adventure. This is also the safest way to get fresh impressions. The cost of the flight always includes the accident insurance.

The hot air ballooning is possible at any time of the year. Most often, the balloon flights are conducted in the early morning or after the dinner time. The flight at an altitude of 50-500 meters lasts about 60 minutes, and the preparation process can take up to three hours.

After all participants land, they get the festive congratulations on the successful dedication to the aeronauts!

Organizing such a flight is not an easy thing, since it requires experience and help of professionals. But choosing the location for landing the balloon is easy. It can land even in the courtyard of your house, if there is enough land. Balloon flights are conducted in different regions of Slovenia. During the flight, you will feel the unlimited freedom and ability to touch something grand. Flying in a balloon helps to forget about the all routine problems and just blows to the seventh heaven.

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