Helicopter panoramic flights

Admire Slovenia from a bird’s-eye view, floating in its crystal clear sky! Spend unforgettable moments enjoying the most beautiful sceneries and the Slovenian Riviera. The nature in the vicinity of Bovec and the Julian Alps is magnificent, despite of the point of view you choose. Nevertheless, to get a full buzz from contemplating the valley of Soča and the surrounding mountain peaks, you should see the terrain from above!



Single engine

2h 30 min endurance

Cruise Speed: 90kt

Crew: 1Pilot + 3Passengers






Available Routes


Trieste Airport to Grado Lagoon

R66: approx 30′

Route: Aquileia-Porto Buso          








Trieste Airport to Caorle

R66: approx 60′ min One stop at AliCaorle Route: Lignano-Bibione-Caorle        








Trieste Airport to Jesolo

R66: approx 70′ min

Route: Lignano-Bibione-Caorle             








Trieste Airport to Duino, Miramare Castle, Trieste

R66: approx 40′ min              









Trieste Airport to Venice,

One stop @Lido.

R66: approx 95′ min              








Route: Lignano-Bibione-Caorle-Jesolo One stop @Lussari Mountain.

R66: approx 70′ Route: Cividale del Friuli UNESCO, Tolmezzo, Montasio, FusineLakes              









Trieste Airport to Bovec, One stop @Bovec Airport.

R66: approx 65′                  










Trieste Airport to Triglav national park,

One stop @ Bled Airport.

R66: approx 70′            









ALL FLIGHTS are from Trieste Airport, pick up at Gorizia Airport is possible Our company advises on air taxi services in Slovenia – flights on the individual routes and the sightseeing flights. We also provide the opportunity to book a flight as a gift to another person.

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