Residence permit and business

Slovenia is based in the heart of Europe, where all the charms are concentrated: the sea, the mountains, the caves, the thermal spas, green forests, fields, and lakes. Slovenia has a Slavic soul and European order. The closest EU countries: Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy. Here you find many opportunities for your business. 

The main advantages of living in Slovenia:
  • Beautiful diverse landscapes
  • Perfect ecology and recreation
  • Proximity to the civilized EU countries
  • Affordable prices for comfortable living
  • Low income taxes
  • Excellent healthcare system
  • Education and the future of your children!

You no longer need to delve into the bureaucratic intricacies and solve all the complexities associated with immigration! We take responsibility for the legal side, the paperwork and timely performing of all the works.

We take on:
  • Registration of all documents required for immigration
  • Consulting on business immigration issues
  • Selection of the optimal area for real estate construction
  • Paperwork and legal counseling
  • Projecting and building your house
  • Issues with the communication systems
  • Real estate management of the constructed house (for rent)

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