Terms and conditions

Refund policy
Booking cancelled 7 days prior to service -100 % refund
Booking cancelled less than 7 days prior to service -50 % refund
Booking cancelled 24 hours prior to service – no refund
Refund will be done ONLY to the account/card from which was done the payment.
If canceled by Supplier due to unsafe weather conditions or any other technical or reasonable cases for
conducting a safe flight/service 100% refundable of paid amount or we offer a new booking date for your

Booking Processing and Payment
The invoice will be sent to the client after the final agreement about the service to be realized.
Confirmation of the booking will be sent immediately after the payment.
The booking is not confirmed unless a confirmation reference number has been issued.
The activities, details, itinerary and other services to be provided by Supplier shall be defined in the booking
All services are subject to Tax according to the current legislation.
Supplier may specify a minimum number of participants for different activities. If this number is not
reached, Supplier reserves the right to cancel the activity and offer the client another date for the activity or a
full refund, payable within 7 days.
All prices are in Euros.

Deposit policy
At least 20% deposit of the final price required to be paid to the account of Supplier.
For Bookings requiring exclusive use, or groups of 6 people or more, prepayment of at least 50% of the final
price will be required.
All final payments must be done at the latest a day before the booked Service
Bookings not paid according to our Deposit policy will be cancelled by the Supplier.

Payment method
Payment can be done by bank transfer of by bank card

Contact information
Egmont Tours Slovenia
Arpine Martirosyan
Mob: +386 31 737 110
Email: amartirosyan@egmont.group
Dimiceva Street, 9 ∙ 1000 Ljubljana ∙ Slovenia


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