Slovenian ports

The main ports in Slovenia: Izola, Koper and Piran

The Port of Koper is one of the largest ports in Slovenia. This port was built many centuries ago and keeps the most interesting historical facts. This is the only commercial port in the city, where ships with valuable cargo from Japan, the Middle East, Korea and other countries are constantly sailing.

The port is located in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea, connecting the main markets of Eastern and Central Europe with the Mediterranean Sea. Unlike other city ports, this one is one of the most important ones, since it has a really convenient location. At the moment, the port is fully structured and operates with all the latest technologies.


Izola is another port and city in Slovenia, on the Adriatic coast. It is one of the cities of the thirty-kilometer strip of the Slovenian coast. Isola is situated between Koper and Piran. The city is connected by the coastal highways with the neighboring coastal cities, as well as Croatia and Italy. Through Koper, Izola is connected to Ljubljana and other major Slovenian cities, Italian Trieste and Croatian Istria. There is a passenger sea terminal where the flights to Venice and other cities are carried out.



Piran is a city in Slovenia, on the peninsula of Istria, on the coast of the Piran Bay of the Adriatic Sea. The city is connected by coastal roads with the cities of the Slovenian coast, the Italian Trieste and the Croatian Istria. The city resembles an open-air museum, in which magnificent examples of medieval (mainly Venetian) architecture have been preserved


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